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Five fun clips that show off iPhone 5S slow-motion video

Over the weekend, videographers uploaded many slow-motion video clips shot with the iPhone 5S. Crave's Christopher MacManus shares a few amusing -- and cool -- clips that show off the potential of the new slow-mo feature found on Apple's latest smartphone.

Christopher MacManus
Crave contributor Christopher MacManus regularly spends his time exploring the latest in science, gaming, and geek culture -- aiming to provide a fun and informative look at some of the most marvelous subjects from around the world.
Christopher MacManus
A promotional image demonstrating iPhone 5S' slow-mo video capture in action. Apple

Similar to many modern cameras and Android smartphones, Apple's iPhone 5S can shoot crisp 120fps (frames per second) slow-motion video. As the iPhone 5S reached the masses this weekend, many examples of this keen slow-motion video feature popped up on the Internet. Don't miss these five clips showing 120fps video in action.

YouTube user jnaina69 captured this neat slow motion footage of a GP2 night race in Singapore.

Terry White uploaded an interesting video that shows the Detroit Metropolitan Airport fountain jetting streams of water toward its center in regular speed and slow mo.

The gang at Mutual Mobile shared an amusing montage of slow mo office pranks that involves a lot of face slapping and other calamity.

In the following slow-motion video, YouTube user Shiza Farza's daughter stars as an adventurous dynamo that takes a trust fall on plush leather couch.

YouTube user l3gitjailbr3aks puts the pedal to the medal with his Mustang in this slow-mo clip. It's quite amazing to see the wheels slow down so much before taking off.

Of course, this post only houses a small sampling of the many iPhone 5S slow-mo videos popping up on YouTube and other video sharing Web sites. Want more slow-mo from Apple's latest smartphone? Here's another eye-catching compilation of clips by YouTube user Blunty; watch fireworks explode very slowly courtesy of Zachary Knight; YouTube user pasiongeek rips up some neat bicycle tricks.

Share your favorite iPhone 5S slow-mo video in the comments.