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Fistful of Rupees: Zelda done as a live-action Western

The Legend of Zelda straps on some six shooters and emerges as a miniseries Western mash-up on YouTube. Will Link ride off into the sunset? Sort of.

Fistful of Rupees
Move over, Clint Eastwood, there's a new stranger in town.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Fistful of Rupees reimagines Link as a loner Clint Eastwood type, battling against the forces of evil in an Old West town rather than a dungeon.

True to the video game series, Link doesn't say a word. Familiar Zelda weapons like boomerangs and arrows come into play, but this is a Western. Six shooters also make plenty of appearances. Red revitalizing potions come in glass jars and money is in the form of shiny crystals.

Perhaps the best part of the series is what a tough character Zelda is. She evens gets to remove a bullet from her own arm. I always suspected she had it in her.

The three-part YouTube miniseries comes from The Game Station. It throws in enough inside jokes to keep Zelda fans happy, but it also has enough action to hold the interest of more casual gamers.

So go ahead, strap on your gun belt. Grab your sword. Order some revitalizing potion at the bar. The dusty old town of Hyrule needs a hero in a green hooded poncho.

(Via Geek.com)