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FishClip: Papa's got a brand-new bag clip

The FishClip takes a different approach to keeping your bagged food safely secured. You can even use it to hold unwieldy cords in place if you're so inclined.

Perfect for your next “Jaws"-themed cocktail party. “You’re gonna need a bigger drink.” Shrockie

Nothing rustles my jimmies like getting ready to bake some pizza rolls, only to open the bag and find that they're encased in a thick layer of ice, a la Captain America.

The piece of adhesive tape used to secure the bag shut failed, presumably due to the low temperature and my inability to remember to buy freezer tape. I've also tried the standard spring-powered bag clip, but after a while, those have the tensile strength of the average claw arcade game and don't even work on bags of chips, let alone frozen nuggets of joy.

This situation used to end up in Shatneresque pontifications on the fleeting nature of life (and possible eyerolls from anyone within earshot), but not anymore. Because I have a FishClip.

I know, when you think of CNET, you think of the latest high-tech gadgets, but you know, while this may not be Bluetooth-capable or Wi-Fi ready, it is a handy little gadget.

I tried so hard not to use any stupid fish puns in this post that I ended up with a haddock. Shrockie

The FishClip, created by toy designer Joel Shrock, is not a spring-based clip. Instead, it grabs and squeezes the bag shut with its jaws. And lest you think it's just a clever name, the FishClip indeed looks like a fish. A cute one, at that.

You use the clip's top and bottom fins to pull the jaws shut around your bag; just push on the side fin to release it. It's simple, and even someone as dexterously challenged as I managed to do this one-handed.

While this works best with bags you can bunch up in the fish's jaws -- frozen food bags and bread bags, in particular -- in my testing at home, the FishClip kept a folded bag of chips sealed just fine. You can even use a FishClip to secure unwieldy cords on your desk if you're so inclined.

When not in use, you can use them as fridge magnets, decor, or earrings for Little Mermaid dress-up time. That last one was my daughter's idea; they stayed on my ears through a good couple of songs.

And no, there's no picture of me wearing them. Sorry.

They're pretty durable, as well. Shrock told me that his friend rolled over one twice with his Prius with no damage. Additionally, my kids have not yet managed to destroy them, which is, to me, even more impressive.

The FishClips are available at The Container Store, among other places, and retail for $4.99. Check them out in action in the video.

Now if someone would find a way to keep my rye bread from going stale without needing a giant plastic bag, that would be ace. Because that little sticker they put on the packaging just isn't cutting it.