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Fin city: A BioShock aquarium for some geeky fish

Movie prop maker Tim Baker and his team build a splashy tribute to the City of Rapture from the video game BioShock in the latest episode of the DIY Web series "Super Fan Builds."

Even fish deserve their own geek cave. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Humans aren't the only beings who love the video game BioShock. In the latest episode of "Super Fan Builds," we see fish get their own underwater tribute to the City of Rapture with a Bioshock aquarium.

In this new series from AWE me, "Super Fan Builds" shows off the talents of movie prop designers, led by industry veteran Tim Baker, who team up to build amazing tributes to movies and video games for superfans that are nominated by friends and family.

The first episode of "Super Fan Builds" -- hosted by Alison Haislip -- had Baker and his team constructing a life-size for a little boy and his father. In the second episode, the team made an adorable Hobbit-hole litter box and Tower of Sauron cat-scratching tower.

In the latest episode of "Super Fan Builds," we see the team set out to re-create the City of Rapture from the video game BioShock into an incredibly geeky aquarium for superfan Courtney King and her lucky fish.

The aquarium features art of scenes from the game as the lit backdrop. But the main attraction of the aquarium is the sculpt of BioShock character Big Daddy with a light-up helmet and moving drill arm, as well as statuettes of the characters Little Sister and Jack.

The team made a few whimsical touches to the City of Rapture aquarium that the gilled tenants will appreciate. The red banner that's featured in the BioShock game that says "No Gods or Kings. Only Man" now states, "No Gods or Kings. Only Fish."

If you have a superfan to nominate, contact the producers of "Super Fan Builds" at superfanbuilds@break.com