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First Moto X press shots surface in advance of August 1 unveiling

This appears to be the debut glamour shot of Motorola's first Android flagship designed completely under Google ownership.

This appears to be the first official glamour shot of the Moto X intended for the press.

We finally know when Motorola will give us all the details on the long-awaited Moto X, the company's first smartphone believed to be fully designed from start to finish under the umbrella of Google ownership. CNET has received an invite to the grand unveiling on August 1, but in the meantime, the leaks keep coming.

Above, courtesy of theUnlockr and @evleaks, are what both claim to be the first glamour shots of the new phone for the media.

There's nothing apparently revolutionary on display here, although the Moto X trademark curved back plate is visible and the weathered wood wallpaper on the stock Android home screen could be a nod to all the customization options we've heard about.

Previous leaks point toward the Moto X landing on U.S. carriers sometime later in August, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it available unlocked or perhaps on one carrier a little earlier.

It appears that the secret sauce will be in the software rather than the specs for this particular superphone. So far the rumors have been that the hardware won't blow anyone away, but new innovations like an always-on voice assistant a la Google Now could be quite interesting.

Looking at the image above, what are your impressions? Do you plan to get in line for the Moto X or will you wait to see what Apple and others are planning for their next flagship phones?