First iPhone 6S bend test shows it doesn't bend much at all

Technically Incorrect: Will there be a Bendgate with this iPhone launch? Perhaps not, if the first rigorous test is anything to go by.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Will it bend? Not so much. FoneFox/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The first thing that any self-respecting person does when they buy a new gadget is try to break it.

Buy it and then slam it with a hammer, toss it in boiling water or set it on fire. These are the only ways to see whether you've bought something substantial.

When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out, they were immediately bent out of shape. Things were so bad that it earned the moniker Bendgate.

Of course, things weren't actually so bad at all. It was merely that the iPhone 6 was bigger, so some enterprising sorts thought they'd see what it would take to disfigure it.

Naturally, now that iPhone 6S emerged on Friday, someone would immediately try and bend it. In this case, it was the Antipodeans at FoneFox. How fair is it, you might ask, that New Zealanders and Australians should get iPhones first, merely by virtue of being so far east?

It isn't fair, but a nice fair-haired man took it upon himself to bend the iPhone 6S Plus and see if it would break.

Will Apple's new 7000 Series aluminium stand up to human hands?

Of course, this test is terribly scientific in the meaning of "not terribly scientific at all." But however much he tried, however sore his fingers became, the presenter didn't manage to create bend.

"I'm really going to try my hardest to snap this phone for you guys," says the helpful blond man. Because we asked him to.

He fails.

Then he gets his friend to try and help him in the quest for perfect destruction. Cracking can be heard. But the phone doesn't bend much at all.

These weren't the most muscular of men. This question, though, does wander into view: If you've paid a lot of money for a phone, why don't you just look after it?

Don't shove it in your back pocket, especially if you have splendid, powerful buttocks. And don't try and snap it for your friends.

Just text, play games, watch videos, take very dull pictures and all that. That's why you actually bought it.

Well, and to show it off, of course.