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Firmware fixes on deck for Samsung Blu-ray players

All of Samsung's players to date will be getting firmware updates to fix incompatibility issues with certain Blu-ray Discs.

Samsung BD-P1400
On the way to the victory lap, let's do a firmware fix

Blu-ray may be coasting to a format war victory over archrival HD DVD, but it's still got some mopping up to do in the meantime--namely, improving player compatibility with some of the more popular movies already available. Samsung has begun rolling out firmware upgrades for all of its players to address issues that have plagued some users when watching Blu-ray versions of such favorites as Ratatouille, Spider-Man 3, Live Free or Die Hard, Blade Runner, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3. According to Samsung, the updates will be available as follows:

Samsung BD-P1000: new firmware (v1.4 available now) | CNET review

Samsung BD-P1200: new firmware (v2.1 available now) | CNET review

Samsung BD-P1400: new firmware (v1.5 available now) | CNET review

Samsung BD-UP5000: new firmware (v1.0 available now) | CNET preview

The latter three models can be upgraded directly over the Internet via their Ethernet connection once their respective update goes live. For the BD-P1000 (or if you don't have your player near a network connection), you'll need to go to the support page on Samsung's Web site, download a disc image to your PC, burn it to a CD or DVD, and then pop it in the player. Direct links are provided above.

One word of advice for Samsung: it would be nice to get a changelog on those support pages (or even an "info.txt" in the Zip file) that lists the date of the update, and exactly what issues it's addressing.

Update (1/25/2008): Despite some confusion on the part of Samsung's customer service (see comment thread below), it appears that three of the four firmware updates are now available as scheduled. I have added the new version numbers to the links above.

Update (2/05/2008): The fourth and final update--the BD-P1200 v2.1 upgrade--is now available, three days after the originally scheduled date.