Firefox market share climbs 20 percent in Europe

Firefox is on a tear. Could it use a boost?

Ars Technica (Data from XiTi Monitor)

And the beat goes on. As XiTi Monitor's data shows, Firefox has been on a European tear, gaining ground at a 20 percent clip to take 28 percent market share in Europe. The loser in the battle? Internet Explorer.

The data also shows that Firefox users upgrade more often than Internet Explorer (with the majority of IE users sticking with pre-IE7 versions). There's a clear reason: People use Firefox by choice (they must download it, after all) and IE by Microsoft/PC manufacturer fiat. Most users take what is given to them and never think twice about it...until the malware hits.

Mozilla's opportunity is both to help overcome the PC manufacturer lethargy away from IE and to encourage people to make the Firefox choice. The first requires business drive and acumen, and the second requires evangelism. Could Mozilla use an upgrade on both counts? Or do the numbers suggest its strategy is working?