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Firefox 3 may get gesture support for MacBooks

A Firefox developer has experimented with gesture-based controls for MacBooks, but will it make the cut?

Apple and Matt Hickey

There are a lot of Firefox users out there, and there are a lot of MacBook users as well, which means a lot of people use Firefox on a MacBook. And those users might be getting a special treat in future releases of the browser.

On his informative blog, Edward Lee, a Firefox developer, spills on steps he's taken to include gesture support for MacBooks in the next version of the browser.

For those unfamiliar with gesture support, Apple introduced the functionality to the MacBook line a couple of years ago. It allows you to interact with your computer by just moving your fingers across the touch pad. For example, in most programs you can scroll down by dragging two fingers down the touch pad without having to click any buttons.

But the Firefox controls go a little further, including other gestures for navigating your tabs, handy indeed.

There's no word yet on whether this neat feature will make the final build, but MacBook users everywhere should hope it does. Anyone who uses the gesture support in any other application knows how intuitive it is and how it can really make any app more usable.