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Fired up about Firefox 1.0

After a barn burner of a buildup, the browser makes its Web debut. Microsoft says it's not worried.

After a barn burner of a buildup, the open-source browser makes its Web debut. What comes next for the thrilla from Mozilla?

Google star of Firefox's new browser

Search king is a double-feature on the new Firefox browser, which has racked up about 2.5 million downloads in just two days.
November 11, 2004

Microsoft says Firefox not a threat to IE

Executives in Redmond say Internet Explorer undergoes "rigorous code reviews" and is no less secure than any other browser.
November 11, 2004

Move over, Internet Explorer

CNET review Feature-studded and secure Firefox 1.0 is a safer, better choice than Microsoft's IE for Internet browsing.
November 10, 2004

Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0

The release could make a big impact if prerelease trends propel the browser into serious contention with Internet Explorer.
November 9, 2004

Firefox maps its next moves

On the heels of the 1.0 release, Mozilla sets its sights on challenging Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser dominance.
November 9, 2004

Fans clog Mozilla site

Web site is brought to a near standstill as it suffers what one analyst calls a "success crisis."
November 9, 2004

Firefox finds support

New browser from Mozilla has allies that are offering a clustering toolbar and Firefox-related blogs.
November 9, 2004 previous coverage

Firefox in the hunt for dollars, downloads

roundup With Firefox 1.0 release a week away, Mozilla Foundation outdoes fund-raising expectations. Can its software do as well?
November 1, 2004