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Finger mouse just doesn't work for us

Good concept, poor execution

Logisys Computer

It may sound like a good idea--a mouse that's mounted on your finger and can point wherever you do. But Crave is picky, and we have some issues with this otherwise sound concept.

First, the size: Do you really want something this big strapped to your finger? Second, it's not wireless. And third, how can you type with this stuck to your hand?

Finally, as Chip Chick points out, Logisys has managed to make it sound a lot trickier to work than it probably is: "Provide support by using your middle finger to hold the finger mouse against your index finger when you are clicking. Point the cursor with your index finger while your thumb controls the left button (lower button), right button (upper button) and scroll wheel."

The directions alone are enough reason for us to pass. We're in a bad mood.