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Find, retrieve and share photos in your e-mail account with Lost Photos

Searching Webmail accounts for old photos can turn into a chore. Lost Photos makes it a breeze and enables easy sharing on social networks.

If you've got an old legacy Webmail account (AOL, anyone?) that you know contains buried treasure in the form of old pictures, Lost Photos is a Windows app that makes it simple to easily excavate the best. It supports quite a few e-mail services, and lets you share pics quickly on social networks. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Install Lost Photos here. 
  2. Run the app and click Options. It's probably best to keep the first options checked; this will keep most little logo files and other non-photo images from popping up. Ignoring GIF files is a little riskier, though not many people use that format for regular photos, so you may want to play it safe the first time you run the app. The last option is great if you want to run Lost Photos regularly, so you can safely ignore the e-mail you've already trawled. 
    Step 2: Set options for Lost Photos.
    Step 2: Set options for Lost Photos. Rob Lightner/CNET
  3. Enter your e-mail address and password in the boxes near the top (Lost Photos won't hang onto this information), then click Find My Photos! The process will likely take a while, especially if the account stretches back over more than a year or so. Get a cup of coffee or get some work done and then check back. 
  4. You should see a stream of thumbnails; select any one of them to see it more clearly. You can click to share any individual pic on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. 
    Step 4: Review photos in Lost Photos.
    Step 4: Review photos in Lost Photos. Rob Lightner/CNET
  5. If you want to see all the pictures in their download directory, just click Show Photos in Explorer. 
  6. To start on a new e-mail account, just click Home and repeat the process. 

That's it! Lost Photos is incredibly simple to use, and is almost sure to bring back some sweet memories for users. 

Read more about managing and sharing photos online: 

Thanks to Addictive Tips for the link!