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Find out the meaning of life on the Exurb1a YouTube channel

OK, maybe you won't get all the answers, but you'll get to explore science, physics, humanity and more with a narrator who will make you laugh while you learn.

Everyone with any experience on the internet knows YouTube is an amazing resource for anything related to video clips, how-tos, music, sports, and so much more. But some of the best content comes from people who have come up with a concept then created a channel to bring you regular (or not so regular) episodes stamped with their own unique personalities. I've written about several YouTube channels before including Lessons from the Screenplay, Nerdwriter1, Numberphile, and several others.

This week I want to share Exurb1a, an excellent YouTube channel with a narrator who explores concepts in philosophy, physics, science and more in a charmingly funny and relatable style. There's definitely some NSFW language here, if that's a concern, but I think you'll like his angle on what's happening around us in the universe.

First, in this video he starts out making coffee in the morning, then launches into the meaning of life and whether everything is predetermined:

Next, he talks about how you are most likely to die giving odds based on the way you live and the things you do:

In this one he asks five questions of nature as though nature is someone you can call on the telephone:

Finally, in this video he explores why -- after all this time -- we still haven't had contact with aliens (or have we?):