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Find my Mac tracking tool crops up on iCloud.com

A feature that lets users track where their Mac at any given time has gone live on the developer version of iCloud.com.


The feature that will let Mac owners remotely keep an eye on the location of their computer has gone live on the developer testing version of Apple's iCloud.com.

As noted by both 9to5mac and Macrumors this evening, developers with pre-release versions of Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 are getting access to an iCloud feature that lets them both track, and remotely secure their computer. That feature's now accessible through iCloud.com, the Web front end for Apple's upcoming cloud service, which went live to developers earlier this week.

Find My Mac working through iCloud.com.
Find My Mac working through iCloud.com. 9to5mac

In order to make use of the tracking feature, Mac users need to have the iCloud control panel, which is not yet available in the public release of Lion. Expected in a future OS software update, it will join (and eventually replace) the control panel for MobileMe, the iCloud predecessor Apple plans to shut down next year.

Find My Mac is not currently a listed Lion feature, however Apple included it in a developer preview build of Lion just ahead of the operating system's public release. Find My iPhone, from which the feature is derived, was first introduced as a premium iOS feature, made available only to paying MobileMe users. Applelater made it free of charge with a system software update.