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Finch flingers don't flock to Angry Birds Day

Rovio promoted the event as a celebration of 3 trillion popped piggies and the chance for fans of the game to meet, play, and compare scores. But in a couple of U.S. cities at least, things weren't flying high.

Angry Birds screenshot
Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

ATLANTA--Not many birds of a feather flocked together for Rovio's official Angry Birds Day meetup yesterday--in Atlanta at least.

Rovio promoted the event, scheduled to mark the first anniversary of the popular game for mobile devices, as a celebration of 3 trillion popped piggies and the chance for fans to meet, play, and compare scores. And while enthusiasts signed up for meetups in 65 countries, poor planning and only a couple of show-ups made the event here in Atlanta seem rather lackluster despite 28 people expressing interest on the meetup site.

Angry Birds costume
New York enjoyed the sight of Angry Birds fans in costume. Flickr user Caniba

Our nest ended up being a brewery just north of downtown that had recently gone through a name change, which probably added to the confusion. (My fellow Crave contributor Matt Hickey reported that no one showed up for the meetup in rainy Seattle, though New York and Los Angeles enjoyed the sight of fans in Angry Birds costumes).

Still, despite the tepid showing here in Georgia, we managed to have some finch-flinging fun. After checking in and grabbing a pint, I came across David Moore (aka Cap'nDave), a mild-mannered thirty-something who secretly moonlights as an Angry Birds enthusiast. He was eager to talk about his passion for the game, and we were comparing scores and strategies after a few minutes.

It wasn't long before he revealed the depth of his superpowers. Moore has completely beat the game with three stars on all levels, has all golden eggs, a 97 percent achievement score, and was one of the top-rated players in the area (according to the built-in leaderboards). I knew I had found the superfan I was looking for.

Moore has been launching birds for about seven months, and continues to play "because it's fun, and addictive. I like to defend the title." He boasted that he was the top player for level 3, but his rank goes back and forth because he's locked into a "score war" with another major player in the area. His favorite level is 7-7, because "it's set up like a burger and a drink. It's fun to throw the bomber bird in there and blow the buns off."

We finished things off with a contest to see who could beat the 11th level on the Christmas-themed seasonal Angry Birds app. My girlfriend, also an avid player, chumped us both so I ended up buying a shot for everyone. The drink of choice? A Naked Yellow Bird, of course.

Did you attend an Angry Birds Day meetup in your city? If so, how was it?

Angry Birds Day New York
Angry Birds fans mark the first anniversary of the hit game in New York. Not all cities saw such lively celebrations. Flickr user Caniba