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Final 'IT Crowd' episode now showing on Hulu

Fans don't have to try turning their computers on and off again, now that Hulu and Hulu Plus are debuting the long-awaited last episode of the British geek comedy series "The IT Crowd."

Roy, Moss, and Jen return for geektastic comedy high jinks in the last episode of "The IT Crowd." FremantleMedia Enterprises

No one knows the pain and frustration of computers and the tech-unsavvy people who try to use them more than the folks who work in the IT department. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?" is the mantra of the hit British comedy "The IT Crowd," which explores the funny side of being stuck in the basement of a company that never appreciates you.

Tuesday, the very last episode of this geektastic UK series makes its US debut exclusively on Hulu and Hulu Plus. The final episode, "The Internet is Coming," originally aired in the UK as a one-off special on September 27, 2013, but this is the first time an American audience can watch the show legally in the US.

The first, last, and only episode in the fifth season of "The IT Crowd" reunites actors Chris O'Dowd (Roy), Richard Ayoade (Moss), Katherine Parkinson (Jen), Noel Fielding (Richmond), and Matt Berry (Mr. Reynholm) for one final trip to Reynholm Industries.

Directed and written by Graham Linehan and produced by Richard Boden, Tuesday's episode starts off as a typical day in the IT department at Reynholm. Moss shows off his game board review Web show and loses his self-confidence. An embarrassing video of Jen with a homeless person goes viral. And Roy gets into big trouble for his prejudice against short people.

Hulu also has a behind-the-scenes documentary, "The IT Crowd Manual," that includes interviews with the cast and crew about the show.

All four seasons (including this single-episode fifth season) of "The IT Crowd" can be found for your binge-watching needs on Hulu Plus -- including the hilarious episode "The Speech," where Roy and Moss convince Jen that all of the Internet is controlled by a small black box guarded by the Elders of the Internet in Big Ben.

Previous episodes also include Jen trying to fake her foreign language skills with a computer translator; Moss becoming a word jumble TV star; Roy getting over an ex through Dungeons and Dragons; and Mr. Reynholm getting a bionic hand; just to name a few.

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