Final Fantasy XIII offers up a tablet, too

As Square Enix's epic sequel marches towards its North American release, the promotional oddities get even odder.

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Scott Stein

Scott Stein/CNET
Scott Stein/CNET

Now, we're always a fan of strange promotional materials here at CNET, but Square Enix offered up something both odd and, oddly, cool in today's mailing. In a thick envelope, which we first thought was a very, very advanced copy of Final Fantasy XIII, came an invitation to a San Francisco launch event, with nary a disc or box in sight.

But wait, what's this? In a second Mylar envelope was the source of all the bulk: these thick acrylic faux-tablets. It looks like Square Enix is trying to get in on tablet-mania, too.

What are they, exactly? They seem like spare props from a Minority Report sequel, but are likely indicative of some of the future-tech that shows up in the very funky-looking FF XIII. If we were making a science-fiction movie tomorrow on a shoestring, these would be our futuristic data-pad props of choice.

Each of the tablets focuses on a different character--Lightning and Snow--making these huge transparent trading cards. If only we had a deck of these, we could play some sweet poker.

Look for our hands-on impressions of Final Fantasy XIII as its March 9 release date approaches.