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Film all your own stunts on your bike

A DIY camera for bicycles.

DIY bike stunt camera
Jens Almstrom

Here's a really ingenious way to record your cycling stunts. All you need is the old-school bicycle bell that you use to warn pedestrians or freak out your cat.

Jens Almstrom has found out that by removing the upper casing of the bell, there is usually a screw at the bottom chassis, which has the same dimensions used for most tripod sockets. What he did was to simply mount the camera onto that screw, and there you have it--a simple fix to record your journey or stunts with your BMX.

Our advice is to not fumble with the controls while you're on the road, lest you cause an accident, or worse, damage your shooter. Keep to point and shoots for this experiment as a dSLR may make your ride unstable. If you've survived the experience, tell us about it below.

(Via Crave Asia)