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File this mosquito-repelling gadget under 'too good to be true'

Look, Declan, I used big words in this post.

Discovery Store

This orange abomination might look like a really ugly iPod speaker, but it's actually a device that promises to keep mosquitoes away and restore your summer evenings to a more sanguine state by emitting a "natural, chemical-free" odor. (But it doesn't say how bad it smells.) You can clip the Mosquito Shield onto your belt (um, dorky) or put it on a nearby table or porch in an attempt to declare hegemony over your exposed skin when the bugs might be biting.

Here's the problem: I doubt it actually works.

You see, mosquitoes are vehement little fellows, and something tells me that they'll find some way to get around this thing just as they've always managed to do with citronella candles, weird little sonic pinging devices, and spray-on bug repellant. Because they want to suck your blood.

But at only $19.95, it might be worth a try. Most of us are probably desperate enough by now.

(Via Cribcandy)