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Fiji not happy with Microsoft's 'Fiji'

Island nation none too pleased that Microsoft is using the name. Will it be mollified knowing it is just a code name for a Windows Media Center update?

Microsoft is used to having governments get upset over its products. But usually it's not the name they are complaining about.

ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley spotted a local story from Fiji saying the island nation's government was unhappy to learn there was a version of Windows called Fiji. Microsoft reportedly sent a letter to the government stating that Fiji was just the code name for the product.

Foley rightly zeroes in on the more important issue--in trying to pacify the Fijians, Microsoft reportedly said more than it ever has about the product, which is a near-term update to Windows Media Center.

The Fiji paper says that Windows Client Business Group manager Ben Green said that Fiji was a product "designed to add new television standards support, enhance the user interface and set-up experience, and add interactive TV features to Windows Media (Center)."

It was one of several great stories Monday from ZDNet blogger Mary Jo Foley, who also had the scoop on J Allard being named a chief technology officer at Microsoft as well as the "chief experience officer" for the company's entertainment and devices unit.