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Fiat Chrysler gets into bed with Derek Zoolander

Technically Incorrect: Having already aligned itself with "The Hunger Games" and "Star Wars," the automaker decides "Zoolander" will give Fiat the right look.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


A pout for the ages.

Fiat/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Every time I go to the movies, I'm surprised the seats haven't been replaced by Fiat Chrysler cars.

The automaker has embraced big movie franchises recently, in the hope that a little starry gloss will descend upon its wares.

Having already created somewhat forced ads to coincide with "Star Wars" and "The Hunger Games," Fiat Chrysler has descended upon another, slightly more classy movie franchise: "Zoolander." Remember that 2001 satirical comedy and box office hit about a dimwitted former model who becomes the pawn of corrupt fashion executives in order to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia?

With "Zoolander 2" due to be released on February 12 -- it will surely be the perfect Valentine's date movie -- Fiat released a new ad featuring "Zoolander" star Ben Stiller.

Here we see Derek Zoolander driving his 2016 Fiat 500X subcompact crossover. It's a rather fetching yellow thing. But, with Zoolander at the wheel, it's not so keen to slow down at yellow lights.

Still, Zoolander espies something that makes him stop dead: a speed camera. Could it be that this will capture him at his finest?

There is surely no more pulsating pout in contemporary culture than the patented "Blue Steel" gaze of the great fashion model himself.

Perfecting it isn't easy, however, so he has to pose several times. This, sadly, gives the police time to catch up with him.

The ad debuted during Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards and it's blessed with at least a modicum of relevance. Unlike with "Star Wars" and "The Hunger Games," there are actually cars in "Zoolander 2." The movie's set in Italy too.

Of course, it's also helped by the fact that the Fiat brand of cars has a more natural attraction to it, in contrast to the Chrysler brand.

For his part, Derek Zoolander declares in the ad that this is some of his best work.

When it comes to Fiat Chrysler's movie franchise ads, this is the company's best work too. Which isn't saying all that much, but still, it's good to know that Stiller's still got it.