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Ferrari-red robots greet visitors to Santander Bank

Spanish bank introduces knee-high, autonomous guide robots to escort visitors at its Madrid HQ. Designers call it one of the first commercial applications of swarm robotics.

Bored with your bank? Spain's Santander banking group has introduced sexy, autonomous robots to escort visitors around its lavish headquarters outside Madrid.

The sleek crimson droids, dubbed Santander Interactive Guest Assistants (SIGAs), show up once you step into the bank's opulent El Faro Visitors Center, located on a 400-acre financial campus. In the giant glass cube that serves as the entrance hall, a console with a touch-panel screen takes your destination and summons a robot via Wi-Fi. Then you're off, following your wheeled usher as it plays ambient music.

The SIGA robots operate on a multi-agent programming system designed by YDreams, a Portuguese IT company. The firm says the robo-butlers are one of the first applications of swarm robotics, the decentralized control of relatively simple machines, to a commercial setting.

The SIGAs are equipped with odometers and gyroscopes, along with 16 sonars to detect and avoid obstacles, as well as radio frequency (RF) tags that activate 12 RF sensors in the visitors center. This allows the machines to know where they are.

The robots can operate for up to six hours on a battery charge, and will automatically return to their charging station when power is running low.

After escorting you to your destination, they wish you a pleasant day and return to the cube.

Now that's what I call an automated teller machine.

Via Singularity Hub