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Sneak peek at Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt in 'MST3K'

The revival of cult comedy classic "Mystery Science Theater 3000" hits Netflix in April.

We can't wait see what evil hijinks Felicia Day and Patton Oswalt get up to in the new "Mystery Science Theater 3000" revival.
Felicia Day/Twitter

The revival of the beloved comedy series "Mystery Science Theater 3000" (MST3K) will debut on Netflix on April 14, but fans are getting an early look at some of the new cast.

Actor Felicia Day tweeted Thursday a glimpse at both her character Kinga Forrester, daughter of original Mad Scientist Dr. Clayton Forrester, and Patton Oswalt's character TV's Son of TV's Frank, Dr. Forrester's main sidekick.

Full disclosure: I'm very good friends with Felicia. I've known her for years and I'm even a co-host on her weird romance book club show, "Vaginal Fantasy Book Club." which started on her Geek & Sundry network.

For those who have yet to discover the joys of "MST3K," the series is about an optimistic janitor forced by mad scientists to watch bad movies with homemade robot friends Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

Originally created in 1988 by Joel Hodgson, who played the first janitor Joel Robinson, "MST3K" gained a large following of fans who loved the witty wisecracks from the cast as they watched relatively unknown horrible B-movies such as "Pod People," "Laserblast," and "Manos: The Hands of Fate."

Twenty years later, Hodgson decided to bring back "MST3K" via Kickstarter with a new cast and more movies to mock.

In addition to Day and Oswalt, the new MST3K cast includes Jonah Ray as the main character and show host Jonah Heston, as well as comedians Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn who will be the new voices of robots Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

So far 14 new episodes including a holiday special have been shot, though the movies they plan to skewer on the series have yet to be revealed.

The new season of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" will premiere on Netflix on April 14.

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