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Feel good with this bizarre David Lynch coffee commercial

Eraserhead on espresso? Watch this avant-garde commercial directed by David Lynch's daughter Jennifer to promote his unique coffee brand.

Proving once and for all that weirdness runs in the David Lynch family, his daughter Jennifer Lynch directs the kind of commercial that looks like it could have been filmed in the Black Lodge from Twin Peaks.

After all, one might say that coffee is one of the consistent pleasures in Twin Peaks, considering Agent Cooper's regular insistence of drinking a piping hot cup of java. So it makes sense that the commercial's visual cues feel like a long-lost Black Lodge dream that would pop into Agent Cooper's head in the middle of the night.

The commercial for David Lynch's Signature Cup Coffee entitled "Feel Good" stars industrial electronica duo Nonviolet -- Jessica White and Jennifer Lynch's own husband, Jim Robbins -- who also provide the commercial's odd music soundtrack, according to the Welcome to Twin Peaks website.

The stark black and white video feels like a German sci-fi noir short film complete with White and Robbins drinking David Lynch's signature coffee, while the chemical formula for caffeine and lightning bolts float around their heads.

If you listen closely, you might even catch a brief sound sample of Mystery Man from David Lynch's film Lost Highway. Or maybe it was just a coffee-induced audio hallucination?

This isn't the first time David Lynch has promoted his coffee with his usual eccentric flair. Previous commercials for his coffee have been heavily influenced by not only Twin Peaks but also Barbie dolls, The Elephant Man, claymation, robots and other unlikely muses.

But we have a feeling this uniquely Lynchian video from his daughter will haunt your dreams the most, at least until you can drink your first cup of coffee in the morning.