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Feedburner problems resolved

Feedburner wasn't burning any CNET feeds, but now it seems to be fixed.

UPDATE: Still not sure why it happened but the feeds all seem to be working now. So thanks to whoever ot whatever fixed it. All seems back to normal. Hey all, just an update to let you know why you may have trouble getting any CNET podcasts in iTunes or other podcatchers right now. It seems that Feedburner (a Google property) has just up and stopped reading our feeds. It claims the feeds are timing out, but when we pull up the source, everything seems fine. We don't know why Feedburner is having this problem, and are certainly examining our end to see if it's anything we did, but so far all our evidence says it's a problem on Feedburner's end.

I'd love to say that Feedburner is working with us to correct the problem, except as of now they aren't. We had to resort to Twitter where DOGboi found us a two-year-old email address, but it seems rather difficult to contact them. So if you or anyone you know works for Feedburner, give us a shout won't you? buzz at cnet dot com would be the best address.

Meanwhile we're doing our best to solve the issue and get the feeds working. The episodes will post as usual here on the blog and stream live at