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FedEx apologizes for monitor-tossing courier

The company expresses remorse via video for its deliveryman's tossing of a Samsung monitor over a gate. It doesn't reveal, though, whether he was fired.

Have your online-shopped gifts already arrived? Or did you order at Best Buy, where they appear to have experienced a few problems?

I ask merely because I believe your local FedEx courier will be extra careful over the next 24 hours.

For the company has issued a video apology for the behavior of its most famous employee.

Should you have been buried beneath a pile of Christmas ornaments recently, you might not have heard that one particular FedEx courier tossed a Samsung monitor over a fence instead of, say, delivering to the recipient's front door.

FedEx's apology, entitled "Absolutely, Positively Unacceptable," came from Matthew Thornton, senior vice president for FedEx Express U.S. operations.

"From the customer's perspective, I am pleased to let you know that the matter has been resolved in a very positive way. We have met with the customer face to face and they already have a replacement monitor at no cost to them," he said.

He didn't say, though, that the tossing employee had been fired. The company has a specific disciplinary process for these things. "Without going into detail, I can assure you that this courier is not delivering customer packages while we are going through this process," he said.

Some might be wondering where this incident took place. Often, those who wish to complain about service are only too happy to declare who they are and where they live. Some information has reached me about the possible location of the incident.

An astute reader has suggested to me that this was somewhere along La Mesa Way in Santa Monica, Calif. Naturally, privacy concerns mean that it is impossible to have this verified. However, the poshness of the neighborhood on the video might suggest a reason why the YouTube poster desired privacy.

That particular neighborhood has, in its time, been home to Gregory Peck, Mel Brooks, and Mel Blanc.

You might be wondering how this particular reader believes he recognizes the neighborhood. Well, he used to live around there and "the roots of the trees are the giveaway."

Might I also take this opportunity to extend my best seasonal wishes to everyone who has read, commented upon, or besmirched Technically Incorrect this year.

I get many e-mails and am sorry if I didn't reply to yours. That might have been because you called me a f****** this, that or other. It might not be, though. One chap told me a post had made him physically ill, but then we had a long chat about it and he decided that actually he felt fine.

May you and yours enjoy a very fine holiday season.