Featured posts from the CNET Blog Network--July 19

An interview with the CEO of Red Hat and a ruling from Europe on ISPs and digital music.

Margaret Kane Former Staff writer, CNET News
Margaret is a former news editor for CNET News, based in the Boston bureau.
Margaret Kane

Searchles: searching goes web 2.0 (on Media Sphere)
The search may not be stunning, but Josh Wolf is impressed by the site's video features.

An interview with Matthew Szulik: The culture of Red Hat, the power of open source (on The Open Road)
Matt Asay talks with Red Hat's CEO about open source culture, managing a company and building transparency.

Enough with the HD DVD/Blu-ray battle: Bring on downloads! (on The Digital Home)
Forget HD DVD versus Blu-ray, Don Reisinger says its time to switch to video downloads.

EU: ISPs don't have to disclose subscriber names
(on Digital Noise: Music and Tech) The European Union's top court todsays European ISPs don't have to name subscribers whose IP addresses have been linked to illegal activity on file-sharing networks.