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Feast on first footage from live action 'Attack on Titan' movie

The people-eating Titans get real as the smash hit manga and anime series hits the big screen.

Titans, attack! Feast your eyes on the first glimpse of the live action "Attack on Titan" movie.

A brief, quick-fire teaser from the movie appeared on Japanese TV this week, and western fans of the series can enjoy the clips, complete with indecipherable colourful graphics and a live camera on viewers of the footage. Check it out above -- the teaser kicks in at around 0:57.

Set in a grim world in which humanity hides in walled cities from people-eating giants -- the titular titans -- the smash hit Japanese series explodes onto the big screen in two live-action films set to be released in Japan this summer. The movie adaptation is written by original creator Hajime Isayama with screenwriter Tomohiro Machiyama, and are directed by "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" helmer Yūsuke Watanabe.

"Attack on Titan" began life in 2009 as a manga comic book series. It was followed by novels and video games and an angst-riddled, utterly bonkers animated series that has enjoyed international success on Netflix. A second series is scheduled for 2016.