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FCC clears several new Samsung phones

FCC certifies several new Samsung phones.

As usual this time of year, Samsung continues to make headway in the FCC list. Because the Federal Communications Commission has to certify every phone sold in the United States, not to mention test its SAR rating, the agency's online database offers a lot of sneak peeks to those who dig. And to save you the trouble, Crave has combed through the database for you. Here are a selection of filings from the past week on new and upcoming cell phones. Click through to read the full report.

LG CF360
NEC 7N2R1-3A
Panasonic 830P
Sagem my421Z
Sagem Roxy
Samsung E1117L
Samsung i7110
Samsung S3030
Samsung SPH-A310
Samsung SGH-A777
Samsung SGH-A867
Samsung SCH-R310
Samsung SGH-L878E
Samsung SGH-T459
Sharp SH8010C
Sharp WX-T825
ZTE C311
ZTE A261+