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Faving Fantasy: Choose your own adventure on Twitter

Developer Terence Eden has written a text-based adventure game and launched it on social networking platform Twitter.

Screenshot by Michelle Starr/CNET

Microblogging social network Twitter is usually used to share quips, pics and snippets, but that doesn't mean there aren't other ways to use the site. We've seen authors use it to tell piecemeal stories, a smart home that Tweets changes throughout the day and, of course, for viral marketing.

This last use might be what is behind a new game from developer Terence Eden -- a text-based choose-your-own-adventure that takes place entirely on Twitter. Called "wnd", it's not the first such game to appear on Twitter: In 2010, Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti did the same thing, using a series of shortened links to take players between Tweets.

Eden's game is set up a little differently: rather than taking place in a single Twitter account, each option you can choose has its very own Twitter account, taking you through a thrilling chase as you flee from terrifying, undefined monsters.

What makes this interesting is that these accounts -- each with just one or two Tweets -- appear to be up to seven years old -- the earliest we could find was from 2008, with others dating back to 2010 and 2011.

This, it turns out, is because of Twitter's limitations on users having multiple accounts: Eden could not simply create the 20+ accounts he needed, he explained on his blog, so he recycled both his own old accounts and the accounts of friends who donated them to the cause.

I did get to an ending, with an account that linked out to something -- I won't say what to avoid spoilers, but it's one of Eden's inspirations for the game.

Although it didn't turn out to be an ARG, as we had initially hoped, we do still love the concept. You can start playing from Eden's initial Tweet here -- and please feel free let us know what you think of the experience in the comments below.