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Faux iPhone tail creates instant cute overload

"Who's the cutest little iPhone of them all?" Add a faux tail to your iPhone or iPad and dissolve into mush as you baby-talk it and scratch it under the chin.

Faux tails for iPhone
Grab an iPhone by the tail.

Ever wished your iPhone were just a bit more cuddly? Take the edge off that cold metal and glass design with a faux tail. Boom... instantly adorable.

iPhone with tail
Excuse me, your iPhone is trying to escape. (Click to enlarge.) Gama-Go

The faux tails are available in three flavors: fox, raccoon, and inexplicably, lavender cat. Matching wallpaper is available for each tail to really tie the look together. The tails cost $10 each from Gama-Go.

The tail is made from artificial fur and sticks into the connector at the bottom of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

Let's think about who the potential customer base is for this product. Teenage girls are an obvious choice. I would also expect a brisk market for people who are obsessed with LOLcats, My Little Pony fans, and geeks living in apartments with no-pets policies.

At first, I thought this might be the most useless iPhone accessory ever created, but it's been pointed out to me that these tails may help keep the gunk out of your connector. That makes it cute and somewhat functional, therefore justifying its simultaneously absurd and compelling existence.