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Google doodle sees dads as prickly on outside, sweet on inside

Sometimes Google doodles just make you say "awwwww." On Father's Day, a darling animation honors the everyday kindness, love and generosity of dads.

It's the little things.

We always remember milestones, but the pleasures of parenting can also be found in the little moments that make up most of our days.

That's the message of the Father's Day doodle from Google this Sunday.

In a sweet, six-segment animation, Google shows a daddy cactus lovingly combing out a little one's hair, blowing a balloon back and forth, watering/bathing the kids, teaching a young'un to shave and snuggling up for a snooze with the kiddies.


The Father's Day Google doodle from 2000.


In case you're concerned about fathers being portrayed as cacti, Google honored moms this past Mother's Day with the same theme.

Over the years, Google's doodles have moved farther away from illustrations reflecting the letters, per se. Trying to find a "g" in Sunday's doodle takes a keen eye. It's in sharp contrast to the early days of the doodles, but Google's apparently less concerned about the need to spread its name these days.