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Father Bob turns to crowdfunding to help the homeless

Outspoken Catholic priest and advocate for the homeless Father Bob Maguire has launched a Pozible campaign for his Father Bob Foundation.


(Credit: Ghost Pictures)

Outspoken Catholic priest and advocate for the homeless Father Bob Maguire has launched a campaign on Pozible to raise money for his Father Bob Maguire Foundation.

Father Bob Maguire — who you might know from his work on radio and television with John Safran — has a troubled relationship with the Catholic church, believing it overburdened with bureaucracy and forgetful of what he sees as its responsibilities to the community.

In 2003, he set up his own charity for helping the homeless, the Father Bob Maguire Foundation. "We strive to create a socially cohesive community where nobody falls through the cracks and feels totally alone and isolated," the Foundation says. "With our partner organisations, we aim to meet the needs of disenfranchised people of all colour, creed and socio-economic backgrounds."

Now, for the first time, the Foundation has turned to crowdfunding on Pozible, with the aim to raise AU$50,000 in 30 days to help the homeless and disadvantaged.

"Funds raised from this campaign will be used to run the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation OutreachHQ and projects to support 'the unloved and the unlovely'," the Pozible campaign, Father Bob Sings for a Million, reads. "OutreachHQ is the base for all of the Foundation's street work — it has food storage, volunteer space, offices and training rooms as well as a community space."

Funds raised will go into food, medical assistance, educational programs and funding homeless shelters.

If helping those in need isn't quite enough to get you on board, there's a pretty awesome reward, too: for a minimum pledge of AU$25, you'll get a digital download of an album of songs sung by Father Bob and chosen by backers via the hashtag #songsforbob on Twitter. Other rewards include a birthday phone call from Father Bob, a signed DVD copy of the documentary about Father Bob, In Bob We Trust, a signed copy of Father Bob's biography, The Larrikin Priest, appearances by Father Bob at your events, and a night out with Father Bob feeding the poor.

With a singing voice like this, how can you say no? Head over to the Pozible campaign to pledge your support.