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Shinesty Boxers Are a Truly Fun and Functional Gift

These undies are seriously the best stocking stuffer out there.

Ray Kam
Ray is an actor, model, and fitness coach who is best known on TikTok for his Cantonese-related content. From teaching his followers how to say hilarious phrases in Cantonese to sharing random moments of fun from his life, Ray's authentic personality shines in every piece of content he shares.
Ray Kam
2 min read

Being single throughout the holidays is hard, but do you know what's even harder? Having poor support in your lousy underwear. That's why I'm giving Shinesty boxer briefs to all of my single and hot bachelor friends. With these boxers, at least they'll have something holding them at night. 

Why it's a great gift: Now that I've experienced the comfort of Shinesty underwear, it's become my go-to gift for all my guy friends. I truly can't go back to wearing any other type of underwear. The extra piece of fabric for added support makes me feel cozy and comfortable during the holidays. I love that it not only enhances my mobility in general and when I work out, but also how the fabric is so soft and breathable -- as a fitness fanatic, this is super important to me since it keeps me sweat-free when I work out. 

Lastly, the variety of patterns, colors and sizes these boxer briefs come in make it so easy and fun to choose a pair -- every man's desires and needs are different, after all. I can rave about Shinesty all day long, but you really need to get a pair and try them on. Then you'll know exactly why I'm such a fan. 

What you'll pay: You can get the Plaid and Simple underwear at Shinesty.com for $27, but prices go all the way down to $17 a pair when you get a subscription!  

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