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Crocs Will Bring the Joy of Comfort to Everyone on Your List

And it doesn't matter whether you're in sports mode or not.

This story is part of 84 Days of Holiday, a collection that helps you find the perfect gift for anyone.

Buying gifts for the holidays can be difficult, and some people are harder to buy for than others. But when searching for the perfect gift for someone, one thing I always keep in mind is how practical an item is. While some may choose to give grandiose gifts such as luxury-branded products or high-end gadgets like laptops and tablets, I prefer to ball on a budget by gifting everyday essentials that can bring comfort to friends and family -- in this case, Crocs.

Why it's a great gift: I'll admit that it took quite a while for me to hop on the Crocs bandwagon as I always thought they were for chefs and nurses only. But once I saw celebrities and some of my favorite designer brands collaborate for limited-edition collections, I thought I'd see how comfortable these clogs really are. I snagged myself a pair to try out.

After just a day of walking in them -- in both standard and sports mode, where the strap is placed down around your ankles -- I believe the hype. These Croslite-made (no, they're not made from rubber or plastic!) shoes are light, durable and obviously easy to wear. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can also buy Jibbitz, small badge-like accessories you can decorate your Crocs with.

What you'll pay: The list price for the Crocs Classic clogs is $50, but you can often find them for around $35 or less. And if you want to add some personality or bling, the Jibbitz charms start at $5. 

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