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Bella Hadid Gets Dress Sprayed Onto Her and Walks It Down the Runway

At the SS23 fashion show in France, the famous model went from nearly nude to a full dress in a few cans of sprayed-on wonder material.

Model Bella Hadid stands on an illuminated runway with white material webbed on her body, sprayed on by the material's creator, Manel Torres.
Model Bella Hadid being sprayed with Fabrican in the form of a dress.
Pierre Suu/Getty Images

To close off the spring/summer 2023 show at the end of Paris Fashion Week, fashion label Coperni did the unpredictable on Friday: walk a nearly nude model to the runway and spray a dress onto her body before she took a stroll.

The model was the world-famous Bella Hadid and the dress was made of Fabrican, a spray-on material that hardens into a wearable textile, according to Vogue. Attendees watched as techs circled Hadid and sprayed the fabric over her body in the shape of a dress, and, after some careful adjusting, she walked down the runway in an outfit you'd be hard-pressed to tell had been formed on the spot.

Fabrican exists in the can as a liquid made of cotton or synthetic fibers that clings to the body when sprayed on, but can be removed and turned back into a liquid solution to reuse, Vogue Business explained.

Fabrican is also the name of the company that developed the material, founded by designer and scientist Manel Torres, who spent six months creating the material with Coperni co-founders Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant.

It doesn't seem like Fabrican will be the next mass-market trend, though. "We're not going to make money on this," Meyer told Vogue Business, but it was featured in the show to create a moment that evokes emotion.