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Fashion PCs with an environmental conscience

Iameco makes custom-designed wooden computers that are toxin-free.


If you're not sold on these environmentally friendly computers based on their unique designs, their names alone are worth giving them some consideration: Sarah and Nora.

Both are models made by an Irish company called Iameco, which prides itself on producing tailor-made computers in stunning wooden cases that are free of toxins. The unusual curved supports make an architectural statement, according to BornRich, "representing strength and load-bearing capacity." Their innards are nothing to sneeze at either, with typical models including an Intel Core Duo chip, 400GB SATA 2 hard drive, and more than 2GB of memory.

Following the sylvan theme, they come with a wooden mouse and keyboard as well. Not bad for around $1,550. And they won't be mistaken for a drum set.