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Farsighted looks on bright side of tech in 2016 (Farsighted Podcast, Ep 3)

Not everyone loved 2016, but we could look back on it as the year we made real progress toward living longer, better and perhaps even on Mars.



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'Rogue One' review: Street-level Star Wars

80 is the new 60:

John Sculley Interview, former Apple CEO turned health tech investor and entrepreneur

Human gene editing is about to happen, but don't freak out just yet

DIY Bacterial Gene Engineering CRISPR Kit

New gene-editing technology partially restores vision in blind animals

"Star Trek" suddenly seems a little less far out:

Found in space: Planet Proxima b could be Earth's closest cousin

Discovery of 'another Earth' revs plan for fly-by of laser-propelled spacecraft

Elon Musk's Mars metropolis: Insane but not impossible

SpaceX Mars video

Is NASA one step closer to warp drive?

Measurement of Impulsive Thrust from a Closed Radio-Frequency Cavity in Vacuum

SpaceX finally nails landing on drone ship, one giant step for reusable rockets

On Earth, it's "Jetsons" time:

Flying cars on demand? Yeah, Uber's working on that, still kicking, open-sources self-driving cars

Here's what Tesla's self-driving system sees in real time

Self-driving Uber allegedly spotted on the streets of San Francisco

First self-driving truck delivers Budweiser, thanks to Uber and Otto

Hyperloop transport tech considered for high-speed freight

Hyperloop One teases Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 minutes

Machines doing more than driving:

Best-ever jumping robot has real-life ninja moves

How Google's impressive new robot demo will fuel your nightmares

Beyond Fitbit: 'Neural dust' puts invisible cyborg tech deep inside you

Elon Musk worries Skynet is only five years off

Bitcoin's technology has a surprising fan: IBM

Nanocars taken for a rough ride: Single-molecule cars tested in open air

Closest thing to 'Star Trek' replicator makes meals in 30 seconds

How could we forget... artificial intelligence:

AlphaGo wins a close one to wrap up battle of man vs. machine

Westworld is probably a lot bigger than we realized

Elon Musk helps fund AI to protect humanity

Teaching machines to predict the future

Spider-Man: Homecoming

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