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Accept sponsors category on Jeopardy: Everybody panic!

In a savvy advertising move, the noisy news forum buys out a category on the famed game show and fills it up with its corny headlines.

Can't believe I managed to miss this one, considering one of my favorite activities in college was to watch Jeopardy with a dozen people and see which of us could be the most obnoxious by yelling out all the answers. On Monday night, snarky news forum sponsored a category on the timeless game show, in which the three contestants had to complete corny, pun-ridden headlines that had been plucked off the site.

Naturally, two of the questions dealt with "potent potables." The first was "Noodle shop accused of aiding drunk driving; that's because nobody left this place (this buckwheat noodle)." ("Soba!" Ha, ha!) And the second, "After one of these 'feral' birds was released into a park, alcoholics...hunt it down and try to drink it," had the obvious answer of "wild turkey." Guess the "feral" keyword steered the contestants away from Grey Goose.