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FAQ: Some details behind Apple's announcement

Following the announcement of new iMacs and a video-capable iPod, CNET responds to some questions.

Following Apple Computer's announcement of a new video-capable iPod and new iMacs, these are some of the questions we and some of our readers had.

Can I copy DVDs into iTunes and then into the iPod?
Not with the Apple-supplied software.

Does the remote included with the new iMac use infrared, Bluetooth or radio frequency?
Infrared, which requires a line-of-sight from the remote to the iMac.

Can I plug my satellite or cable TV into the new iMac?
No, you still need a third-party product to do that.

If I save TV shows onto the Mac via an external USB (universal serial bus) tuner, can they be ported into iTunes and the iPod?
Yes, if the file can be converted or saved in the MPEG-4 or H.264 format.

If I buy a video from Apple, how many computers and iPods can it be transferred to?
Up to five Macs and an unlimited number of iPods, the same as with music.

Can I burn purchased music videos, films or TV shows to DVD or CD?
Unlike music files, video files cannot be burned.

If I'm paranoid about privacy, is there a physical door to close the iSight camera?
Unlike the external iSight, there is no built-in door. A green light indicates the camera is on.

Will current photo iPods and Nanos be upgradeable to include video capabilities?

Why is video resolution limited to 320-by-240? Is that due to copyright-holder concerns?
Possibly. Apple maintains it's a balancing act of file size, download times and acceptable video quality.

Has there been any change in the audio quality on the iPod?
Apple said it is making continuing improvements to the quality with each generation of iPod.

Is Front Row multimedia functionality available for other Macs or older iMacs?
No. The only way to get both Front Row and the Photo Booth is to buy a new iMac.