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Fantasy winner to score real-life Giants job

Ever dream of working in the SF Giant's front office? Team and Yahoo announce contest to give fantasy sports fans a taste of reality.

Yahoo Sports and the San Francisco Giants are dishing out a taste of reality to fantasy baseball fans.

The Internet company and the baseball team announced Tuesday that the winner of a fantasy league contest will walk away with an actual job offer in the Giants' front office for one year. The special assistant for baseball operations will get to help select the next Giants team for 2006, as well as attend a number of baseball games. The salary will be $30,000 for the year. The winner also will receive an additional $15,000 just for winning.

Staci Slaughter, a spokeswoman for the Giants, said the contest gives baseball fans across the country a chance to fulfill their childhood dreams. "We get thousands of resumes each year, even from people willing to take large pay cuts," Slaughter said. "We've had resumes from people like vice presidents, lawyers and other high-level people who are determined to work for a Major League Baseball team at some point in their life."

Fantasy leagues let participants assemble teams from real players and compete based on those players' real-world performances. Leagues often start with a draft where participants either pick their players themselves or are assigned a team randomly. Participants then face off against each other, accumulating points according to a variety of criteria. In baseball fantasy leagues, for example, teams may compete based on overall leadership in categories such as hits, home runs and strikeouts.

The Giants contest highlights consumers' growing obsession with fantasy sports. Once considered a closeted hobby for numbers geeks, fantasy sports leagues are now booming online. Companies tapping into the trend include Internet and media giants such as America Online, Yahoo, Microsoft's MSN, ESPN, SportsLine.com, Electronic Arts, Fox Sports and DirecTV, and a smattering of smaller sites.

Contestants will vie for the prize by answering several trivia questions and submitting a 150-word response to a strategy question.

Judges will cull through the submissions and select 12 contestants, who will then be placed in a special Yahoo Sports Fantasy Baseball Plus league. That competition will kick off around May. The final winner will be selected at the end of the season. The deadline to register is April 6.

But before would-be contestants jump to click their mouse, keep in mind that employees of the Giants are not allowed to get players' autographs.

And for those contestants who love competition but aren't necessarily willing to give up their current job for a year, don't plan on winning and selling the job offer on an auction site. The job offer is nontransferable.

CNET News.com's Jim Hu contributed to this report.