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'Fantastic Four' trailer looks more 'Interstellar' sci-fi than 'Dark Knight' superheroic

The first trailer for the troubled comic book movie recalls the style of Christopher Nolan in a radical re-imagining of Marvel's awesome foursome.

The long-awaited "Fantastic Four" trailer suggests a more Christopher Nolan-esque take on the Marvel superheroes -- and it's not just Nolan's "Dark Knight" films that seem to be an influence, but "Interstellar" too.

"Fantastic Four" is the latest adaptation of the comic book characters first seen in 1961. The sober lighting and all-round serious tone evoke Nolan's "Dark Knight", which have influenced many films and comic book adaptations in recent years. But with its shots of mountain ranges and cornfields blending into sci-fi labs and spacesuits, "Fantastic Four" also appears to lean towards the cosmic wonder of Nolan's astronaut-tastic "Interstellar".

The new movie is directed by "Chronicle" director Josh Trank and written by Simon Kinberg, who describe the film as "grounded in the science of science fiction". Here they talk us through the trailer:

The trailer doesn't give much away plot-wise, giving us a glimpse of the origin story that comic book fans will already be familiar with: a group of scientists are bestowed with strange powers after an experiment goes wrong. But the details appear to be very different from the comics; instead of taking off in a spaceship where they're physically altered by cosmic rays, the four appear to climb into fixed capsules. The iconic blue and white costumes are replaced with high-tech containment suits, and there seems to be no sign of the villainous Doom either.

The foursome are also much more youthful than is traditional, drawing on the younger portrayals seen in the "Ultimate Fantastic Four" series of comics. It's certainly a world away from the more colourful style of the last movie adaptations in 2005 and 2007, also produced by Fox, which saw Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba lead the cast.

The new film has a promising cast, featuring Miles Teller from "Whiplash" as the stretchy Reed Richards, also known as Mr Fantastic; Michael B. Jordan from "The Wire" as Johnny Storm, the fiery Human Torch; Kate Mara from "House of Cards" as see-through Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman; and Jamie Bell from "Tintin", "Snowpiercer" and "Billy Elliott" as Ben Grimm, the rocky Thing. Toby Kebbell from "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" is the bad guy Doom.

With rumours of troubled production and reshoots, it'll be interesting to see how the "Fantastic Four" reimagines the classic story. It's in theatres on 6 August in the UK and the following day in the US.