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Make a 'Fantastic Beasts' muggle-proof suitcase

Watch this crafty tutorial on how to transform a boring box into something magical.

Next time you need to keep your wands or potions from prying eyes, stash them in this muggle-proof suitcase like Newt Scamander's from "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

This AWE Me video, posted last week on YouTube, shows how to craft your own suitcase to outwit any muggle or, as they say in America, no-maj.

You'll need cardboard, paper, suitcase-like fabric, a sturdy box, a leather handle, brads, hinges, a magnetic lock, invisible thread, thermoplastic, metal sheeting, printable stickers and poly-vinyl acetate glue.

Basically, you're building a hidden compartment using cardboard you place inside the box, which will become your case after covering it in fabric. The brads make great metal details on the outside.

The magnetic lock and the metal hinges, along with the metal sheeting cut into a circle with a "Muggle Worthy" sticker attached will add more authenticity to your "Fantastic Beasts" case.

The video goes by fairly quickly on making the "Muggle Worthy" lever work on the case, but I assure you no spells are necessary. Just don't try to use this case to hoodwink any airport officials.

Unlike the US customs agent from the 1920s in "Fantastic Beasts," the Transportation Security Administration of today doesn't look kindly on secret compartments in suitcases, especially if they store magical creatures.

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