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Fans want Weird Al for the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Over 40,000 fans have signed a petition asking the NFL to invite parody singer Weird Al Yankovic to headline the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show.

Weird Al Yankovic with captain's chair
Weird Al's fans want him to explore uncharted territory -- the Super Bowl! Huston Huddleston

Comedic rock star Weird Al Yankovic is having one heck of a comeback. His new record "Mandatory Fun" is already at number one on the Billboard charts. His celebrity-packed music videos are a hit with die-hard fans and fickle teens alike. His cult favorite film "UHF" is about to get the Blu-ray treatment for its 25th anniversary. And now fans are demanding the prince of parodies headlines the next Super Bowl halftime show.

Washington-based fan Ed Ball organized the petition to ask the NFL to consider Weird Al as the main attraction for Super Bowl XLIX's mid-game entertainment.

"Weird Al is top of the charts right now for a reason, and I guarantee it's not because of the typical football players/fans rocking his music during a pre-game warm-up, tailgating, or half-time song selection," Ball wrote on the petition page. "The Super Bowl is a national event that reaches out to numerous non-football fans, so why not attract a bigger demographic and support for the game?

"Just imagine him out there rocking with Jack Black and Melissa McCarthy, while parodying Pharrell and Robin Thicke," Ball added. "Those artists can even join him on stage, start off with their songs before Weird Al kicks in with his versions. I personally think it would be a hit, and would be more talked about than the game itself. Which is why I started this petition."

Clearly, Ball isn't alone in his admiration for Weird Al. His petition has already received over 40,000 signatures from fans all over the world.

"I hope to hear from Weird Al himself or his publicist soon, and get his feedback," Ball posted on the petition page. "I know it is already being addressed with his camp, and hopefully, within the NFL ranks too. Keep your fingers crossed and keep spreading the word!"