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Fans get their own Lego Double-Decker Couch

Why just play with Lego bricks when you can lounge on them? Watch Tim Baker's design team make a comfy Lego Double-Decker Couch in the latest episode of "Super-Fan Builds."

When you watch "The Lego Movie," do you ever wish you could make what you see come true? A lucky family of Lego fanatics had a bit of that wish granted when they were presented with a life-size Lego Double-Decker Couch just like Emmet Brickowski invented in the 2014 animated movie.

The "Super-Fan Builds" webseries showcases the impressive skills of movie prop designers, led by film industry veteran Tim Baker. Along with his crew of craftspeople, Baker builds amazing tributes to TV shows, movies and video games for superfans nominated by their family and friends.

In this week's episode, posted Monday, Baker and crew built a Lego Double-Decker Couch from "The Lego Movie" for superfans Paul Hollingsworth and his 8-year-old daughter, Hailee. Paul has over a million Lego bricks and Hailee has her own Youtube channel called "Brick Girl" where she reviews Lego products.

Baker shows step-by-step how he and his team constructed the impressive human-size double couch for the Hollingsworths using a steel frame, wood, upholstery foam, fabric and paint. To make the cushions look like Lego bricks, the team uses blue fabric slip covers and circular foam pieces to give the appearance of Lego studs. It even has a hidden compartment for storage.

Though many episodes of "Super-Fan Builds" on the AWE me channel build crafts for adults, like an Iron Throne toilet and personalized Carbonite coffin, the team has also done builds for lucky kids who were presented with an "Avengers" Hulkbuster high chair, a life-size "Guardians of the Galaxy" Groot swing and a Batmobile stroller, just to name a few.

Even Lego Yoda looks impressed by this Double-Decker Couch. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET