Family Guy's Stewie makes Google Chrome lovable

A campaign of four ads -- the most popular featuring Stewie the intellectual 1-year-old -- tops the viral video charts. It enjoyed 7.7 million views last week.

So very sweet.
Google Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you want your browser to become astoundingly popular, one idea might be to employ the services of a 1-year-old who once rather liked the idea of killing his mother.

Please, I have the evidence.

For the latest, very fetching campaign for Google Chrome appears to be humongously popular among those who spend their days on the Web forwarding viruses.

Indeed, Ad Age reports that its little chart, prepared in conjunction with Visible Measures, shows that the Google Chrome campaign is the most popular viral entity of the last week.

The Stewie ad has proved, perhaps unsurprisingly, to be the most popular of this campaign.

Google has become infinitely more sophisticated with its advertising over the last couple of years.

Even the most intimidating of its products -- Google Glass -- is accompanied by marketing that attempts to cuddle and disarm, rather than chill.

It helps, of course, if you own YouTube, which gives the indolent masses the easiest possible means to pass videos to their equally indolent friends.

But the vastly improved quality of the Google work makes it just that bit easier to persuade people to install Chrome as at least one browser option.

And you know what happens with Google: Once it's got you, it is very keen never to let you go.