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Family films as lightning strikes car, recharges phones

When one of your kids says, "I hope we get struck by lightning" and then you are, you'd better be filming. This footage offers the scary realities of getting nature to knock your car out, while recharging your gadgets.

The antenna that took the hit.
TubeMediaCom/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Not everyone driving through an unpleasant storm says: "I hope we get struck by lightning."

But little boys can be little boys, so perhaps one can forgive Taylor Morlock's morbid wishes, as he and his family drove through Utah the other day.

Perhaps, though, he's less a Morlock than a warlock, as their car was, just moments later, smacked by a lightning bolt.

Fortunately, they were filming -- and lived to (show and) tell the tale. These days, if you don't film something, it never really happened.

In footage offered by KSL, the force of the bolt is palpable.

All three Morlock kids spoke of how hot the bolt felt after the sparks flew.

Their Dad's SUV suffered. The electrical gauges decided this was all too scary for them and shut themselves down. The antenna that took the hit smoldered. Three tires blew out.

There were, naturally, some positives.

While the kids admitted they were scared -- in good and bad ways -- they also had a number of gadgets in the car that had dead batteries.

However, after the strike, all these cell phones and gaming devices were fully charged.

I understand that this is an entirely normal phenomenon, rather than a special gift that nature offers those who ask to be struck by lightning.