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Fall asleep while binge-watching? Netflix smart socks save your spot

Netflix solves one of binge-watchers' greatest problems with a tutorial for how to make socks that pause shows when you fall asleep.

We've all said "just one more episode before bed" to ourselves only to fall asleep halfway through while Netflix kept playing. It's frustrating to try to put the pieces back together the next day as you attempt to determine what you last saw before you dozed off -- and Netflix feels your pain.

The company on Wednesday released a handy how-to guide for making Netflix socks, a pair of DIY smart socks that will automatically pause your show when they detect that you've fallen asleep. You won't find Netflix socks on store shelves, but if you're a bit handy and don't mind working with electrical components and soldering irons, these socks might just make your life that much better.

The socks have an accelerometer that detects when you've stopped moving for a period of time. Before the socks activate the pause button, a light in the cuff will glow to warn you that the pause is coming. Simply moving your foot lets the sock know you're still awake.

These pinot noir Netflix socks look pretty classy, and they'll stop your TV show when you fall asleep.

Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

The knitting process for the socks doesn't seem too difficult (if you already know how to knit, of course), and Netflix offers a handful of patterns based on the company's popular shows -- including "BoJack Horseman," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "Bloodline," "Master of None" and "House of Cards."

As part of the tutorial, Netflix released a detailed parts list, including where you can purchase each item needed, as well as schematics you can follow as you build out the electronics. The company even put together the basic code you'll need to use to program the electronics, though you'll need to find your TV's IR signals to make it work.

Netflix socks are the latest in a series of DIY projects the company has shown in recent months. Previously, Netflix put out plans for a Netflix button that at one press dims the lights, silences incoming calls, orders takeout, and turns on Netflix, according to the tutorial page.

The Netflix socks are a logical follow-up to the Netflix button, because after a full stomach from the takeout button orders, you might just fall asleep during "Jessica Jones," "House of Cards" or whatever other show you happen to be binge-watching.

Fortunately, your socks will save your place so you can finish it up the next day, provided they haven't caught fire, which is probably what would happen if I tried to make these things. Hopefully you'll have better luck, should you decide to make your dream of connected Netflix socks a reality.