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FakeTV: Fool burglars into thinking you're at home

Most burglars are aiming for unoccupied houses. Trick them into thinking you're at home with the FakeTV, a small gadget that flickers and changes colors to mimic a real television set.

Just remember to shut your curtains before you leave.

There's a famous Sherlock Holmes story in which Holmes uses a wax bust and some clever lighting to make it look like he's at home.

For $35 and a lot less effort, you can pull your own fast one with the FakeTV, a gadget designed to mimic the light from a television set.

The FakeTV comes with a built-in light sensor and timer. It uses LEDs to output light equivalent to a 27-inch HDTV. The pattern of light and color shifts to make it seem like you're at home and glued to the latest episode of "The Bachelorette."

The idea is to deter burglars who are prowling around your neighborhood after dark, even when you're away on a business trip or out on the town for the night. It won't stop a truly determined thief, but it could discourage a casual robber.

The FakeTV is about the size of a coffee mug and uses less power than keeping your actual HDTV on all the time. Choose from charcoal or ivory to match your decor.

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The FakeTV's advertising is on par with devices like the Clapper and the Slap Chop. Images of men in black ski masks with crowbars drive the point home. Don't let that pressure you into buying it.

FakeTV does have the advantage of costing a lot less than a real TV. When you're not using the FakeTV as a burglar deterrent, consider pressing it into use for your own private discotheque in your living room. Just add pulsing music.