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Fake iPhone costs $75 in the Philippines

The i9 iPhone may not be the real thing, but it looks pretty real on the surface.

The iPhone i9 sheathed in plastic at a store in the Philippines.
The iPhone i9 sheathed in plastic at a store in the Philippines.
Samuel Sandoval

Plenty of knock-off iPhones have surfaced over the years, but here's a fresh look at a model that's being sold today in the Philippines under the name i9 iPhone. According to CNET reader Samuel Sandoval, who shot a short video of the phone (Facebook sign-in required), it costs around $75 and has dual-SIM slots, which means you can be on two different carriers at the same time. There's even a nice Apple logo on the back of the phone.

It's hard to tell exactly what OS the i9 runs. Though it looks like the iPhone OS on the surface, we suspect it's a knock-off as well, and in the past, these types of imitation iPhones have been seen on eBay posing as the real deal.

If you're able to get a look at the video, you'll notice that Sandoval, who's on vacation in the Philippines, signs a few words. That's because he's deaf and is actually the founder of DeafTechTV, a new YouTube channel featuring tech reviews. Check out Sandoval's review of the Flip Video Ultra below, which includes subtitles for the hearing enabled.

Also, if you've played around with one of these iPhone knock-offs, let us know what you think.